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Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz–Who’s your ideal candidate?

GotoQuiz has a Presidential Matching Quiz to find your ideal candidate. You answer about 20 questions running the gamut of political/environmental/social/economic issues, and how passionate you are about each one, and GotoQuiz finds you’re best fit, candidate-wise. According to them Mike Gravel is my best match. In a perfect world I’d vote for that cantankerous, crusading codger, with Kucinich as VP, but in the real world, 2008, I’m voting for John Edwards on Feb 5., and hopefully again in November. Take the quiz HERE and find your candidate.

My full results:

91% Mike Gravel (D)
90% Dennis Kucinich (D)
86% John Edwards (D)
81% Chris Dodd (D)
81% Barack Obama (D)
78% Joe Biden (D)
76% Hillary Clinton (D)
71% Bill Richardson (D)
33% Rudy Giuliani (R)
25% John McCain (R)
20% Ron Paul (R)
20% Tom Tancredo (R)
18% Mitt Romney (R)
18% Mike Huckabee (R)
9% Fred Thompson (R)

My Wife’s results:

92% Barack Obama (D)
91% John Edwards (D)
89% Hillary Clinton (D)
85% Chris Dodd (D)
81% Bill Richardson (D)
79% Joe Biden (D)
75% Mike Gravel (D)
75% Dennis Kucinich (D)
41% John McCain (R)
40% Rudy Giuliani (R)
33% Mitt Romney (R)
33% Tom Tancredo (R)
31% Mike Huckabee (R)
20% Fred Thompson (R)
19% Ron Paul (R)
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