The Push to Privatize Social Security 2.0

Here we go again.  The country, we are told, is broke. Worse yet, it’s broke and borrowing massive amounts of cash from foreign nations so it can pass fiscally unsound tax cuts for the rich, finance foreign occupations in the middle east and SW Asia,  and buy lots of unnecessary weapon systems.  For 8 years of the Bush presidency, when the national debt went from about 3 trillion to over 10 trillion dollars, few people who mattered noticed.  Now that a democrat is president, the sky is falling.

And how do we keep the sky from falling?  Gut Social Security.  Really, that’s the plan.  Even though Social Security is deficit neutral–meaning it doesn’t use tax dollars to fund itself–and only needs some minor tweeking to stay deficit neutral, it has become in the eyes of the DC crowd Public Enemy Number One.

Wall Street lusts for more public money to play with.  If SS is privatized, Wall Street gets to do lots and lots more gambling, this time with your SS retirement.  And much like in any casino, the house always wins.  If you think privatized SS is a good idea, research what happened in Chile when Pinochet and Milton Friedman’s “Chicago Boys” tried it.  It failed big time and the Chileans are still paying the price.

Get a little more informed by watching this video and joining the fight to save Social Security.

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