My Mom On Hannity’s Show

It’s not really my Mom, it just sounds like her. Imagine talking politics with someone who thinks/talks like Victoria Jackson, only is a blood relative who you can’t just laugh at without really hurting their feelings. That’s my situation every Tuesday night when me and the family go to “Grandma and Grandpa’s” for dinner.

Watch and cringe.

Some wingers have stepped in to defend Victoria Jackson, saying she’s really smart and her appearance here was just an act–performance art, if you will. That’s extremely doubtful at best. More likely she just mixed her meds which in turn liberated her to say any damn thing that popped into her addled head. Read her blog. Read her BIO. Watch her other recent TV appearances. This lady is 1000% rapture-ready, and she’s just waiting to disappear at the appointed hour and reappear in Heaven with a front row seat to watch all the heathens–pretty much everybody except for the folks who read the Left Behind series, get butchered like hogs or infected with plague or stung by giant scorpions or burnt by righteous fire in the time of tribulation.

Limbaugh/Palin/Hannity in 2012. Yay!

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