Edwards only Dem who can beat McCain in the general?

From Huffpo, by admittedly Edwards partisan Dave “Mudcat” Saunders:

As I watched news coverage of Monday night’s debate, the ever-escalating “I know you are, but what am I?” fight between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton suddenly struck a memory from 28 years back. The feud between Teddy Kennedy and Jimmy Carter rushed into my mind like a horrible memory of an old girlfriend. My recollection of their self-destructive hostilities reminded me how their battles went a long ways toward giving this nation Ronald Reagan.

. . .

It should be clear to anybody with over a 50 IQ that my boy John Edwards, with his combination of red state electoral experience and toughness, is the only candidate who can beat John McCain. Whether you believe polls or not, polls from CNN to Rasmussen say just that.

And it should be equally as clear to anybody with over a 25 IQ that Obama and Clinton are going to render each other totally unelectable against any Republican, especially John McCain, by the time we get to the convention.

All the Republicans have to be loving this. Because the Democrat they don’t want to face, John Edwards, is getting sandwiched between the coverage of this murderous cat fight between two so-called “historical” candidates who, when all is said and done, will be just that. HISTORY.

(Full post here.)

Saunders makes an interesting point, maybe the last debate will be the turning point for the Edwards campaign. Especially as the Obama/Clinton catfight makes its way around in the media “echo chamber”.

The more I hear Edwards debate, the better I like him. I especially like that the media has almost completely ignored him and written him off, and that he scares the shit out of the Washington D.C. establishment and their Corporate Masters.

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